tonnes of GHGs kept out of the atmosphere per year



litres of feedstock delivered to biofuel producers annually



service stops per year


 What We Do

Nothing is important to us. Because when there’s nothing left, we’ve done our job. Every Redux service is designed to keep tonnes of food waste and byproducts out of landfills, and thousands of litres of used cooking oil, grease, and fats from being dumped. And it all gets turned into ingredients that make sustainable products.


Used Cooking Oil

Collection and recycling from restaurants, fast-food chains, cafeterias, grocery and convenience stores, food manufacturers, and other providers.


Grease Traps

Cleaning and maintenance for food manufacturing facilities, restaurants, coffee shops, grocery and convenience stores, and breweries.



Collection and repurposing of pre-consumer food waste and byproducts from manufacturers, distribution centres, and retailers.

 Why We Do It

The materials we collect directly support the agricultural industry or get used as renewable energy. Redux takes food from farm to retail and back to the farm again in a safe, sustainable circle. When we say nothing goes to waste, we mean it.

Farmers raise livestock and grow crops.

Food businesses produce waste and need traceable disposal services.

Redux collects and recycles these unusable materials.

Turning them into ingredients for animal feed, renewable energy, and other everyday products.

Which supports farming and energy.



 Redux In the Community

Leaving nothing behind. It isn’t just about the environment—it includes our community and people. Supporting our teams and giving back are part of who we are.