Safely recycling millions of Litres of used cooking oil every year

Get peace of mind knowing your used cooking oil is being collected and recycled in an environmentally responsible way.


 How It Works

If it’s not properly treated, used cooking oil can clog sewer systems, pollute waterways, and contaminate landfills.

1. Schedule

Our dispatch program makes sure oil gets picked up on a timely, reliable schedule. We have available internal storage, durable containers, locks, and keys to store your used cooking oil between pick-ups.


2. Collect

Most restaurants use non-hydrogenated vegetable oils for deep frying. They stay liquid and can be collected with a vacuum pump. But fat and grease drippings turn into a gel or solidify at room temperatures. We’re equipped to collect both kinds safely and efficiently, no matter the temperature or weather.


3. Clean and Convert

Once we take the oil to our facilities, we test it to make sure it's free of chemical contamination. Then we sterilize it in special tanks and run it through a high-speed centrifuge to remove food solids or sediment. The end result gets used as an ingredient in feed and in biodiesel production.


“Redux is very accommodating with their regular and emergency services. When cooking oil pick-up is needed ahead of our regular schedule date, Redux makes it happen.”

Franchisee owner, Wendy's Restaurants


Why Choose Redux

Find out why we’ve been an industry leader for more than 50 years.


Truly sustainable practices

Our services have the lowest possible carbon footprint. A zero-waste process means you can be sure you’ve made a sustainable and safe choice. We know how to scale service calls, so we're able to route efficiently. And we process the waste we collect in a traceable way.


Regulations and bylaws are covered

We're connected to the regulatory bodies and cities to make sure our services are ahead of bylaws. We make it our business to stay informed so you don't have to worry and can concentrate on your business.

Get more information about your city’s regulations: Calgary , Chilliwack, Edmonton, Nanaimo, Regina, Saskatoon, Vancouver and Victoria.


Reliable, convenient services

Take world-class transportation and logistics. Add a modern truck fleet and the largest service footprint in western Canada. That’s what you get when you choose Redux. Plus, you can access service reports (with before and after photos), and track services through our online customer portal.


Trusted people and a proven track record

We’ve invested in the right equipment, people, and processes to meet the highest standards. We’re CFIA, FDA, and organic certified. Our team members are certified and trained. Our services are fully insured, and Redux drivers are covered by the Workers Compensation Board.


Have questions?

Browse our used cooking oil service FAQs.

We bring the used cooking oil back to one of our facilities for processing. Once we've processed, cleaned, and tested it, we use the final product as an ingredient in animal feed and biofuel production.

We'll do the first pickup when your bin is 75% full. Then we create your service schedule so that we're collecting the oil when it’s 80% full. But you can always rest assured we'll adjust based on actual needs.

Please call us at 1-855-TO-REDUX (1-855-867-3389) when the bin is 75% full. We'll dispatch a truck and set the date based on the drop-off date and the date you contact us. We'll adjust as needed to find the best pickup frequency.

Yes, and we recommend it. If there are issues with sharing, try contacting your property manager and ask them to confirm in writing that they'll allow multiple containers for their tenants.