A sustainable, safe way to recycle pre-consumer food waste and byproducts

Redux efficiently processes pre-consumer bakery organics, and bone and fat material into ingredients for pet food, livestock feed, and green energy, keeping them out of landfills.


 How It Works

Food manufacturers, bakeries, retailers, and distributors produce goods in huge volumes. Even a small amount of rejected product can produce hundreds of tons of waste. And only about 50% of an animal gets consumed. The leftover skin, fat, bones, and other material has to be handled safely and sustainably.

1. Pick Up

We collect bone and fat byproducts from grocery stores, butchers, meat processors, and other retail food businesses. Our bakery and food producer customers either use scheduled pick-ups or call in.


2. Processing

Our rendering process uses high heat to kill any bacteria or viruses. The process also prevents the emission of methane, carbon dioxide, and other greenhouse gases.

Our sophisticated depackaging and sorting equipment—which has an accuracy of 95-99%—makes sure pre-consumer bakery products are safe and ready for blending. Finally it goes through a mill or screener to create the powder consistency needed for feed pellets.


3. Recycle

The material gets turned into ingredients for pet food, livestock feed, and renewable diesel production.The finished products are shipped either same day or next day to Redux partners.


“The Redux staff is attentive and hardworking, and always respond with the best customer service and highest standards in mind.”

Why Choose Redux

Find out why we’ve been an industry leader for more than 50 years.


Truly sustainable practices

Our services have the lowest possible carbon footprint. A zero-waste process means you can be sure you’ve made a sustainable and safe choice. We know how to scale service calls, so we're able to route efficiently. And we process the waste we collect in a traceable way.


Regulations and bylaws are covered

We're connected to the regulatory bodies and cities to make sure our services are ahead of bylaws. We make it our business to stay informed so you don't have to worry and can concentrate on your business.

Get more information about your city’s regulations: Calgary , Chilliwack, Edmonton, Nanaimo, Regina, Saskatoon, Vancouver and Victoria.


Reliable, convenient services

Take world-class transportation and logistics. Add a modern truck fleet and the largest service footprint in western Canada. That’s what you get when you choose Redux. Plus, you can access service reports (with before and after photos), and track services through our online customer portal.


Trusted people and a proven track record

We’ve invested in the right equipment, people, and processes to meet the highest standards. We’re CFIA, FDA, and organic certified. Our team members are certified and trained. Our services are fully insured, and Redux drivers are covered by the Workers Compensation Board.


Have questions?

Browse our organics FAQs.

Redux will always follow the food waste hierarchy, which prioritizes food waste. We recycle the material into an ingredient for animal feed or biofuel production. At best, an organics company will just use the material for composting, which is only slightly better than landfill.

No, packaging or other garbage shouldn't be in the tubs because the materials we collect are used in pet and livestock feed. Any non-organic materials can be damaging to our processing equipment and potentially harmful to animals.

Prices vary depending on location. Please contact us at 1-855-TO-REDUX (1-855-867-3389) for more information.

Customers are responsible for keeping the bins clean. Larger fork bins are set up with drain plugs to make them easy to wash out. But we'll replace worn out or damaged containers as needed.